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SQL is a database computer language that is designed to retrieve and manage data in a relational database. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL assignment help provides the best and exclusive support to learners who are always in search of help in their assignments and projects, and hired professionals are doing remarkable work in the concerned field.

In SQL Assignment Help service we provide better SQL queries for the following tasks:

  • Basic Conditions
  • The first task is to complete the implementation of several basic comparison operators, namely: greater than (>), greater than or equal (>=), less than (<), and less than or equal (<=). Specifically, you must complete the implementation of the evaluate() method in each of the corresponding classes in the mapsql. condition package. While you can complete these implementations any way you want to, I recommend that you look at the implementation of equals (=) and not equals (<>) as a starting point.

  • Like Condition
  • The like condition can be applied to distinguish CHAR fields (Strings). Like condition allows you to apply the % sign as a wildcard for matching. In the Map SQL, wildcards are used limited to the first and last characters in the string that is being matched against.

  • Table.update() method
  • In this method is supposed to be used in tandem with the Update statement. It arranges the actual update of any row that meets the WHERE clause. When updating a row, you should replace some existing values with similar values that have been provided.

  • Table.delete() method
  • In this method is supposed to be used in tandem with the Delete statement. It does the exact removal of any rows that satisfy the where clause.

  • TableDescription.checkForNotNulls()
  • This is involved with ensuring that any field that is declared as NOT NULL is involved explicitly in any INSERT statement. The method is already declared by the Insert statement class, and it is assumed that an SQL Exception will be raised as soon as a field is found that is declared as NOT NULL but has not been explicitly included in the INSERT statement.

  • DropTable.execute() method
  • In the DropTable statement results in the named table being removed from the database and the behavior should be implemented in this method.

Advantages of SQL

  • SQL Queries can be used to retrieve large amounts of records from a database quickly and efficiently.
  • Using standard SQL it is easier to manage database systems without having to write a substantial amount of code.
  • SQL DDL (Data Definition Language) provides commands for defining relation schemas, deleting relations, modifying relation schemas.
  • SQL DML (Data Manipulation Language) provides a query language based on both the relational algebra and tuple calculus.
  • The embedded SQL DML is designed for use within general purpose programming languages.
  • SQL DDL includes commands for defining views.
  • SQL DDL includes commands for specifying access rights to relations and views.
  • SQL provides integrity checking.
  • SQL includes commands for beginning and ending the transactions.

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