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SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. SAS Institute developed it for the statistics. It is a software program and suite. SAS requires a more advanced analytic and can used for different statistical methods such as multivariate analysis, business intelligence, the management of data, and predictive purposes in statistical analysis. SAS was developed between the year 1966 and 1976 by the North Carolina state university, and the same time his rival Statistical software SPSS was developed. The advanced version of SAS software was developed in 2009 and some additional point and click component added in it, that makes it more simple for the users with no prior statistical knowledge.

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SAS has a lot of application and students across the world. So they receive multiple SAS assignments and project. These assignment and project are part of their school, college, and universities curriculum. SAS is a part of mathematics, so the student needs a detailed understanding of all the concepts of software and statistics to solve the assignments. So students need help in SAS assignments. We provide the best SAS assignment help. The talented technical support team of is varied highly experienced statisticians who give the best service that not found on any other online assignments services.

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  • Well-versed with the primary and latest concepts of SAS.
  • Our specialized programmer team is proficient in data mining and warehousing that forms significant disciplines of statistical data management.
  • Comprehensible information on SAS Enterprise miner paradigms that include neural network forecasting, series forecasting neural networks and cluster analysis.
  • Use of SPSS or SAS/STAT to analyze and evaluate descriptive data statistics, editing and execution of SAS code, saving and retrieving of SAS codes.
  • Implementation of ANOVA, one sample t-tests, two sample t-tests along with its applications.
  • Application of recording variables, Chi-square, correlation, decision trees, and logistic regressions.

SAS component

There is more than 200 component in the SAS software. Here is some important component which mostly used are:

  • Base SAS
  • This considers the necessary procedures of data management and analytical concepts

  • SAS/OR
  • It discusses SAS operational research

  • SAS/AF
  • It takes into account the SAS generated applications facility

  • Presentation of statistical graphs

  • Include the Econometrics and Time-series analysis

  • Implement the features of Interactive matrix language

  • SAS/QC
  • It is all about quality control

  • SAS/PH
  • It facilitates the users with clinical trial evaluation

  • SAS/Stat
  • Considers all details of statistical analysis

Why use SAS

To fulfill all the needs of statistical for the enterprise operation, the SAS develop for it. SAS programming infrastructure serves all starting from linear regression and traditional analysis of variance to high-performance tools and Bayesian inference. SAS gives the guaranteed accurate results because SAS user can depend on the proven and tested techniques. It is an essential tool used in business planning, which helps to decide on business and model package for data handling, data processing, and data formatting. SAS makes use of both graphics and syntactical interface.

Latest Statistical techniques

SAS/STAT developed to keep pace with all new emerging methods. It includes the most recent technologies which composed in it.

  • High-performance modeling tools for the task of extensive data
  • To evaluate data with missing values used Advance analyzing tools
  • For small data sets using Integrated statistical techniques

Usage of SAS by Programmer’s

  • Maintain and Build-up of data
  • Statistical analysis and data mining
  • Play an essential role in business planning, forecasting, and support in decisions
  • Development of statistical and analytical applications
  • Allow the development of statistical and analytical applications
  • Increase data warehousing that includes extraction, alteration, and loading of data
  • Allows remote computation being a platform-independent software

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