Refund Policy


We work to deliver the best quality to our students. We follow the best practices to deliver quality solutions that help our clients. We firmly believe in truthfulness so we have crafted a fully transparent refund policy. The refund policy is meant to secure your payments in case of non-receipt of services as promised. Also, when you place an order on our website, we assume that you have read and agree to all the policies stated.

  • If you decide to cancel your order before we assign an expert to work on it, you can book another assignment of the same value, free of cost. However, if an expert has already been assigned then you will have to continue with the order. This is because the expert who starts with your assignment should receive compensation for the work.
  • Please make sure all paper details and additional materials are provided while placing the order. If due to some other reason the first version of a paper is delivered after the original deadline, we will increase the quality of service so that the late submission penalty does not affect the overall grade.
  • The complete satisfaction policy ensures that we will keep reworking on the assignment changes till you are happy and till it is as per the initial set of work requirements. In case you are not satisfied with our work, even after delivering several revisions, then raise a complaint either through email.
  • When the assignment could not be delivered because of any issue from the client’s side, viz. not sending the complete information regarding the assignments and not answering to the query from the expert on time, refund will not be made. In this case, you can get another assignment done for the same amount paid earlier.
  • When there is a delay in the final delivery of work*** (In such cases, we shall adjust the amount in the next order you place with us).
  • With us, you will never get a ‘fail’ grade in your assignment, however if you do then we will do a 50 percent cash refund. The reason being we are unable to refund the full amount is because we pay the Freelance Experts in advance, so getting the money back from the freelancer is not possible for us. Instead, we will do a free assignment of the same value if your claim is genuine after verification.

*It is important to note that, there will be no reduction in the delivery date once the order has been placed with us.


Partial refund is done under the following circumstances:

  • The refund will only be processed if and when there is verifiable proof(s) such as grade sheet, etc. presented by the student. The claim for refund will be thoroughly investigated before a refund is processed.
  • When we do not deliver the completed work at all, we shall adjust the amount in your next assignment of the same word count and complexity.
  • There is no full cash refund policy (except partial refund) in this service so if your claim is genuine (according to the above points) then we will do free assignment of the same value rather refunding the money.

Kindly Note That

  • If we agree on a revision of work, there must be minimum 24 hours as the expert may be located in different time zone.
  • In case of any disagreement over the service provided, the decisions taken by our Resolution Centre will be considered final.
  • If we agree to partial refund in your wallet, please allow 3 - 7 business days to refund back to your Wallet Account. The wallet amount you can use it to pay for your further assignments. View payment Policy Here. However, refunding the amount depends on the situations which have been mentioned above. Once the situation is identified, only then we will be able to proceed with the refund.

    We keep revising our policies based on the latest updates in the industry. You are advised to be updated with the latest version of the T&Cs.

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