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RAPTOR is a flowchart-based programming environment. It is designed to help students avoid syntactic gear and visualize their algorithms. Through the flowchart, the raptor applications are created and executed. It is a free and simple language to utilize for everyone. In schools, many students using raptor to generate flow-chart for a specific program.

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Raptor Programming Help

Introduction To Raptor Symbols

In Raptor Programming, Raptor has the major six essential symbols. Every symbol speaks to a novel sort of guidance. A raptor program contains associated symbols that speak to activities to be executed and can be used in Raptor.

  • The task symbol stores the outcomes in a variable, and it is utilized to play out a calculation.
  • The bolt symbols characterize the request in which the activities are performed.
  • Information Signal symbol empowers the client to include data.
  • The Start symbol starts the execution of a raptor program.
  • The program quits executing when the End symbol is come to.
  • The homework symbol is used to give a variable a string or numeric use.
  • The call Symbol used to make calls to outer procedures, for instance, pictures schedules.
  • The loop development is utilized for emphasis and reiteration.
  • Yield Signal symbol is used to demonstrate the estimation of a variation.

RAPTOR provide users a programming environment in which flowcharts are used to help students. Raptor is an integrated software wherein several advanced tools help users analyze their work. RAPTOR generates models that are high-quality by optimizing integer programming.

One of the best features of RAPTOR Programming is the interface. It is easy to use and to understand. RAPTOR's most powerful feature, it displays the output. Some essential features of Raptor Programming are below.

Essential Features Of Raptor

  • Learners can prepare the flowchart.
  • Learners can visualize their algorithms
  • Flowchart tracing is potential in RAPTOR.
  • RAPTOR can create Java code from the definite Flowchart, C.
  • Learners can quite readily convert their algorithm by subsequent symbols given in the RAPTOR tool to a flowchart.

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