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Rapid Miner assignment is designed to help you learn and use a data mining tool. This simple drag-and- drop interface makes it easy to build robust data mining models. Rapid Miner is at the particular forefront of Hadoop. It also triggers predictive analytics and visual analytics to data researchers and analysts.

The people who are looking to extract value from massive data, they use Rapid minor Hadoop. The primary element of the actual Rapid Miner is Predictive Analytics System and extends predictive analytics. The Rapid Miner system deals with unstructured data such as text files, web traffic logs, and pictures, etc.

The rapid Minor system could very easily control the volume related to large data without creating a single line of code. AcemyCode  provides the students with their Hadoop Rapid Miner assignments. Rapid Miner is a software application which interacts with other tasks to store and retrieve information.

Analytical Engine in Rapid Minor

Rapid Miner provides flexible approaches to get free constraints through dataset size. The mostly used engine associated with Rapid Miner may be the In-memory engine.


In-memory, data storage is the natural storage mechanism associated with Rapid Miner. In-memory analytics is the most rapid method to generate analytical models.


The enterprise edition associated with Rapid Miner provides some operators in which the data stays within the database. Rapid Miner allows concerning permanently unlimited data set sizes because the data is not extracted from the database.

Rapid Miner Homework Help


The benefit of Hadoop is that it provides a distributed storage engine. You can use a Hadoop cluster for a distributed analytical engine. It distributes specific analytical and pre-processing tasks.

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  • How to use Rapid Miner Server in a high availability environment?
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