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What Is A Programming Language?

programming language is an official language. In the year 1950, the first ever programming language was developed to instruct the computers. Programming Language generates many types of output and involves guidelines for a system. The programs produced by the programming language that puts a definite set of rules. It is the procedure that consists in coding an algorithm and representing. It is a way that is easily understood and executed by a computer.

Popular Programming Languages

Nowadays, programmers are in high demand. In programming, language fluency is very essential. Many programming is not easy for students. But a basic understanding of the programming language can assist everybody.

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Programming Languages Help

Some favorite programming languages are:

  • Java programming

Java is the most popular programming languages. Java is helpful for developing mobile applications, video games or server-side applications. It is the primary foundation for making Android apps. Java Language is favorite of many programmers. It is portable and runs across many software platforms.

  • Python programming

Python is a simple and accessible language due to its readability and evident syntax features. Python developed by Guido Van Rossum. Pinterest and Instagram applications built in python language. It is a dynamic and more flexible language. It is best for writing short scripts. It is an object-oriented language.

  • C programming

It is the first programming language taught in universities and colleges. C is a technical encoding language. Dennis Ritchie developed C language and designed as a structured programming language. C Language inscribes OS (Operating System). The main advantage of C Programming languages are:

    • Contain low-level to access memory
    • Clean style
    • Modest keywords.
  • C++ programming

C++ is a programming language like C. It is a general-purpose OOPs language. C++ language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. It is an extension of the C language or pre-processor for C language. The principles of C++ Programming Language designed to be well-organized.

It contains classes and methods. Virtual methods permit users to hold associated structures with a specific code. The user creates classes is a part of the language, so the user can use *,-, + and new operators to operate on custom data types.

If the user wants a multipart class, the user can combine operations with normal values. They can work according to user expectations. Templates permit users to create code that holds Standard Template Library (STL). Exceptions added in the language that user can handle errors. C++ can assert with C code.

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  • Ruby programming

Ruby is the primary provider of web applications. Ruby is also known as Ruby on Rails. Ruby is standard language due to simplicity, ease of learning and power. Nowadays, Ruby language's knowledge is in high demand.

  • JavaScript programming

JavaScript is another favorite programming language. It is also an object-oriented computer programming language. It produces interactive effects within web browsers. JavaScript permits developers to improve interactive features to their website. JavaScript library that we use, called JQuery. These libraries generate our JavaScript work even more accessible.

  • C# programming

C# pronounced C-sharp. C-sharp language used to develop Microsoft apps. C# is like a Java language. If you are best in Java language, then you can learn C# without problems. If you want to work on Microsoft apps, C# opens a lot of Windows.

  • PHP programming

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP is a general-purpose scripting language. It runs on the web server. PHP used for app development and with dynamic data-heavy sites. It creates dynamic web pages content or dynamic images used on websites. PHP is an open-source language. PHP is an imperative language for ambitious web developers. In PHP files execute at runtime.

  • Objective C programming language

This is a primary programming language. You can use when writing software for iPhone Operating System. It is a superset of the C programming language. It uses primitive types, adds syntax and flows control statements of c. Adds syntax to use for describing classes and methods. Objective-C is best for iPhones to develop craft Apple apps and iPads.

  • SQL language

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. Structured Query Language is a database query language. It is used for keeping, operating and recovering information reserved in a relational database. All apps have a back-end database, so SQL helps to interact database. SQL is not ever used alone in software development. SQL statements include adding, select, insert, delete, update, create, truncate and alter.

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