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Introduction To html

html stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which has been usually used for making web applications and web pages that in turn, helps in building a dynamic website. html is a programming language that allows a user to create a website, which is basically a collection of web pages. html is the group of codes and symbols. It is platform independent language that can be used on any platform like Linux and Windows.

html Assignment Help

Table of Content

  • It is used for creating a basic layout or designing for the Web page.
  • It allows easily insert text, image, animation, and links in web pages.
  • It helps to create documents using headings, paragraphs, lists, links, and other items.
  • It can use a wide ranges of colors, objects, and layouts.

Some Useful Benefits Of html

  • It is a platform independent language.
  • Html language supports every browser.
  • It is the basic and easy language to learn.


Html language uses the various tags to format the content. These tags are open and close with braces. For example- < html> is the starting tag and is the closing tag. There are few tags are not close.

Syntax- < tag> content < /tag>

Example: html tags are always written in lower case. Some tags are

  • < p> for paragraph
  • < b> for bold
  • < i> for italic
  • < u> for underline

Unclosed html Tags

  • < br> is used for break line
  • < hr> is used for horizontal line

Anchor Tag

Anchor tag uses for hyperlink that links one page to another page. Syntax: < a href = “page name"> Text

Attribute Of Anchor Tag

It is used to explain the address of the file or document to be linked.

Image Tag

In html language, img tag is used for display the image on the screen. Img tag is an empty tag. Example: < img src="good_evng.jpg" alt="Good evening Friends">.

Attribute Of Img Tag


It is a required attribute that defines the source or path of the image. It tells the browser where to look for the image on the server or drive.


The alt attribute describes an alternate text for the image.


It is an optional attribute which is used to specify the width to the image.


It is also an optional attribute which is used to specify the height of the image.

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PHP represents Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a server-side scripting language that is utilized to create Static sites or dynamic sites.


jQuery is a quick, little, and highlight rich JavaScript library. The reason for jQuery is to make it a lot less demanding to utilize JavaScript on your site.


CSS represents falling template. CSS is intended to empower the division of introduction and substance, including format, hues, and textual styles.


It is utilized to distinguish a customer side content. It is utilized to make pages is more appealing.


Python is a protest situated, abnormal state programming language with incorporated powerful semantics primarily for web applications.


It is a standout amongst the most widely recognized languages for the back-end advancement of present day web applications.

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