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Data Structure defines as a method of assembling, shaping and programmatically storing data. Data structure allows proper organization and storing of data. In other words, a data structure is a particular way of storing and organizing data in a computer. It stores data most efficiently.

Different kinds of data structures are suitable for different types of applications. For example, B-trees are ideal for implementation of databases, while compiler implementations usually use hash tables to look up identifiers. A large percentage of data that can be recovered by using dynamic hash tables. B-Tree helps to index smaller quantities of data.

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Array refers to the arrangement of a similar data type in an ordered manner. The order could be either ascending or descending. It could be the fixed-length or variable length.

Linked List

A linked list is the linear arrangement of any type of data. Insertion or deletion of a particular element can easily be carried out in a linked list. Many students want Data Structure assignment help on this topic. They can take assist advice from our professional experts at AcemyCode .


Stack refers to the arrangement of the data in a LIFO (Last in First Out) manner. If you get a Data Structure homework help on this topic, you can approach our expert to get the best service.


Queue refers to the arrangement of the data in a FIFO (First in First Out) manner. It is same as the stack.


A tree is a non-linear arrangement of the data which follows a hierarchical structure. The tree includes a root node and child node. It has only a parent node or root node, and other nodes are a child node of the parent directory.


A union is a primitive form of a data structure which allows the storage of the primitive data types one at a time


The class is used to store data fields in the data structure. It has enormous application in the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts.

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