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What Is A Computer Network?

Digital Telecommunications Network is a computer network. It permits to share computer resources like printers, file servers, and others. In this, computer resources exchange data with each other using connections between devices. A computer network is a set of connected devices.

A medium makes the connection between computers. The medium can be wireless or wired. One can make a connection via Coaxial cable, twisted pair cable, Fiber optics cable. We use the Ethernet cable. In a wireless medium, we can use radio waves, Bluetooth, Satellite, etc.

A system is an accumulation of numerous PCs, servers, and system gadgets. These utilized for information sharing. For instance, arrange, where million individuals interface and offer information. The system utilizes organize gadgets, for example, Router, Hub, Switch, modem. The Internet is the greatest system on the planet.

Computer Networking

Computer networking is a procedure for linking many computers. A combination of computer software and hardware make a network.

Computer Network Features

  • Making files and opening them from other Computers.
  • Sharing sources
  • The central computer connects different devices to a network. It allows their usage by other systems in the network.

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Computer Network Homework Help

Computer Network Criteria

  • Reliability:
    It means the accuracy of delivery. After the link failure, the amount of time it takes to recovery is reliability.
  • Good Performance:
    We measure it by calculating transmitting time and response time. The time taken by a request to travel from one device to other device is the transmission time. The time that a request takes to respond is its response time.
  • Security:
    We can protect data through security.
  • Network Devices
    • HUB
    • Switch
    • Modem
    • Router
    • Bridge
    • Repeater
  • Computer Network types
    • PAN (Personal Area Network)
    • LAN (Local Area Network)
    • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
    • WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • PAN (Personal Area Network): PAN is the smallest network. Its range is up to ten meters. Most prominent examples can be a wireless mouse, keyboard, or Bluetooth. It avoids difficulties related to wires.
  • LAN (Local Area Network): Its area span is small like a home or a workplace. We can connect all computers in a building using Local Area Network. In LAN, one computer is a server, and the other machines are clients. The data stored on the server can access everybody. It uses Ethernet technology.

    LAN is inexpensive to install. It can be wireless or wired. This type of network uses fewer people situated in a limited geographical area. It uses an organization’s offices, colleges, schools, etc.

  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): A MAN is a greater version of a LAN. It interconnects the devices in a more significant area as compared to LAN. It establishes a connection in a city. A MAN works between a LAN and WAN. MAN has high-speed.
  • WAN (Wide Area Network): A large number of people situated in a larger geographical area use this type of network. It is the combination of LAN and MAN. MAN has high-speed but an expensive installation. A WAN connects systems of the entire country. It has high speed, but an expensive installation. A WAN uses technologies like ATM and SONET. Many administrations can manage it.
  • Types of Network connection:
    • Bus Topology
    • Star topology
    • Ring Topology
  • Bus topology: It is another type of network design. In a Bus topology, a central cable connects a number of systems. All computers connect through a cable. If a fault occurs in the main cable then all computers fail to operate. The benefit of a bus topology, it uses minimal cable.
  • Star topology: In the star topology, a central node connects other computers on the network independently. The central node is the heart of the network. In this case, if a node fails, there is no issue. If the central node fails, the network fails. It requires less cabling than other topologies.
  • Ring topology: Ring topology is like a ring. In this topology, computers connected with each other in ring-like structure. In this design, the computer signal circulates through the network. The signal will make some attempts to find its destination.

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