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Many students do usually struggle with Android assignments. But they don't succeed to find the best quality assignments. At AcemyCode , our Android Assignment Help experts will provide best quality assignment and explain about android. What is Android? Android is an Operating System based on Linux which can run on various devices such as mobiles, smartphones, and computers.

Android Operating System is built on the Linux 2.6 Kernel. It uses Linux Kernel for all its basic functioning, like memory management, process management, and networking. It is most used and most dynamic operating system for mobile devices. Initially Google and later Open Handset Alliance developed Android. It allows users to view web information, watching videos, write emails on your phone.

To the development of software, Android gives a development kit which is known as Android SDK. The Android SDK allows developers to build applications for the Android platform. The package includes everything you need to start to create apps. An SDK consists of a visual screen builder, an editor, a compiler, a linker, and sometimes other facilities.

Various versions of Android are KitKat, Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, and Lollipop. Android is a powerful Operating System supporting a large number of applications in mobile devices. These applications make life more advanced and comfortable for the users. Some of the essential features of Android are

Android Assignment Help

Essential Features Of Android

  • Android is open-source.
  • The customer can carefully choose some mobile apps.
  • Android offers various features like opening screen, weather conditions details, etc.
  • Android is used for connectivity like Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi, etc.

Android messaging services are Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message Service (MMS). If you need help as regards to your Android Assignment Help, then AcemyCode  is helpful. Android Programming online experts assist you with Android Assignment. You can build Android applications using some different alternative languages and IDEs.

If you need help regarding your Android Assignment, then AcemyCode  is helpful. Android Programming online experts assist you with Android Assignment. You can build Android applications using some different alternative languages and IDEs.

Types Of Android Applications

The three types of Android applications are Native apps, Web apps, and Hybrid apps.

  • Native apps are the application programs developed for use on a particular platform. It is a smartphone application coded in a specific programming language. C Programming language aims for iOS or Swift for Android operating systems.
  • Web apps as responsive versions of the website to work on any mobile device.
  • Hybrid apps for all platforms altogether with Xamarin, Ionic, React and Native, etc.

The most recent version is Android 7.1 and also known as Nougat. It aims to make the Operating system faster. This version comes with its three main features. It includes increased productivity, performance, and security. Google possesses functioning to develop the innovative versions.

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The Basic Concepts Of Android

  • Android application libraries and relations.
  • Development of Android and debugging tools.
  • Working with AndroidManifest.xml.
  • Exception handling and Inheritance.
  • Mechanisms for communication- Intents and Intent Filters.

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